Save Game Locations Wiki

If you would like to add a game to the wiki, please use the guidelines below when doing so. These are not concrete rules, but they are to help keep the wiki maintained and well organized as well as readable. When you're ready to begin, click the 'Contribute' button at the top-right and select 'Add a Page'.

Guidelin see how they are done.[]

  • Add the "Game" category to the page. This way it makes it into the category list at the top of the wiki.
  • Use Shell Folders where applicable.
  • Once a game has been added, please also add it to the List of Games.
  • Format the page in an organized and easy to read way. So when you say no have a reason

Explanation of Guidelines[]

First of all, explore the wiki some. You should get a feel for how other pages are put together before deciding to make your own page. Granted, you may find pages that do not follow these guidelines, but the ones that do, should be helpful.

When adding a game, please add the "Game" category to the page. It's on the right side of the Editing screen. Just type in Game and then press enter. The reason for this is so that the game gets added to the top navigation bar of the wiki that has the categories on it.

When typing out the path (location) of a game's save files, use Shell Folders when applicable. This allows users to just copy and paste the location path into their run dialog to jump right to that path. An example would be "C:\Documents and Settings\yourname\My Documents\YourGame\Save". If someone where to just copy and paste that, it would likely get them nowhere. Additionally, even if their username was "yourname" as in the example and they are on Windows 7, it would not point to the right path for them. You could change it to "shell:personal\YourGame\Save" That way it works for everyone.

Paths that you can't use shell folders for can simply be edited by removing the path before the game's folder. In an example, say you have game YourGame installed to "E:\Games\YourGame" and it's saves are located at "E:\Games\YourGame\Save". You should remove the "E:\Games" part and preplace it with <Game Installation Directory> so it then looks like "<Game Installation Directory>\YourGame". This way, the user still has to copy only part of it, but it's clear what not to copy. This only requires the user to know where they installed their game to.

To help maintain the List of Games, please also post a link to your game on that page. It helps people find the games they are looking for.

A clean and organized page can be made by using Headers for things like Save Location and using bulleted lists. Take advantage of the editing tools available in the wiki edit screen. Again, look and see how others have done it and copy it if it looks good.