Developer: 38 Studios, Big Huge Games

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Release Date (NA): February 7, 2012 (EU) February 9, 2012

Saved Games for Steam Edit

<Steam Installation Directory>\Steam\userdata\<Steam ID>\102500\remote

Notes Edit

  • The number "102500" is the Id number Steam uses for this game.
  • profiles.manifest and IDNUMBER.profile contain your Electronic Arts/Game profile data.    If they are damaged or deleted, you'll need to enter your Electronic Arts credentials again.
  • Saves are named IDNUMBERsaveNUMBER.sav.   Some of the NUMBERs are special:
  • IDNUMBERsave0 is the autosave.
  • IDNUMBERsave3 is your quicksave.
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